Welcome to the personal Website of Jannes Drost-Tenfelde.

I am an amateur Bass Trombonist with a professional attitude and currently resident Player of Cologne Concert Brass, Brass Band Merum and Limburgs Trombone Ensemble.

24 June 2017 19:30-20:30: BBM: Peeltoernooi Contest

Location: D'n Binger, Meijel, Netherlands
Participation with Brass Band Merum at the Peeltoernooi. Both pieces for the World Music Contest will be performed at this regional contest.

01 July 2017 19:00-21:30: CCB: Tryout Concert

Location: Martin-Luther-Straße 12, 42651 Solingen, Germany
Concert with Cologne Concert Brass as preparation for the World Music Contest in Kerkrade.

06 July 2017 20:00-22:30: CCB: Try-out Concert

Location: Erzengel-Michael-Kirche, Pfarrer-Te-Reh-Straße 5, 50999 Köln, G
Try out concert with Cologne Concert Brass and Brass Band Baden as preparation for the World Music Contest in Kerkrade.

08 July 2017-09 July 2017: BBM/CCB: World Music Contest

Location: Rodahal, Kerkrade
Participation with Brass Band Merum and Cologne Concert Brass at the World Music Contest.

21 July 2017-26 July 2017: SPB: Academie de Cuivres

Location: Larmor-Plage, France
I will be joining my old band De Spijkerpakkenband on 2nd trombone for a concert trip to Larmor-Plage in France as part of the “Academie de Cuivres” festival.

09 September 2017 19:00-20:00: CCBA: Düren Sommer Brass

Location: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=
Düren Sommer Brass with CCB Academy.

01 October 2017 12:30-16:00: CCB: Churchfest Rondorf

Location: EKG, Carl-Jatho-Str, Rondorf
Annual churchfest with Cologne Concert Brass in Rondorf includibg open air concert.

20 October 2017 19:30-22:00: CCB: Gala concert

Location: Cologne
Annual gala concert with Cologne Concert Brass.

03 December 2017 16:00-17:00: KHLL: Concert

Location: Van der Valk Theaterhotel De Oranjerie, Kloosterwandstraat 12-16\
Konzert with Koninklijke Harmonie Lentekrans Linne.

11 May 2018-14 May 2018: CCB: Deutsche Brass Band Meisterschaft

Location: Bad Kissingen, 97688 Bad Kissingen, Germany
German nationals with Cologne Concert Brass. The band will most likely participate in the 1st division.