Personal website of Jannes Drost-Tenfelde, resident bass trombone player at Cologne Concert Brass and Brass Band Merum

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Upcoming Events

  • CCBA: Gouden Spiker Festival (tentative)
    02 April 2016-03 April 2016
    Participation with the CCB Academy to the Gouden Spiker Festival.
    Location: Ureterp, 9247 Ureterp, Netherlands

  • CCB: Rehearsal Weekend with Russal Gray
    08 April 2016 17:30-09 April 2016 21:00
    Rehearsal weeken for the German Brass Band Championships with Russel Gray.
    Location: Cologne

  • BBM: Flemish Open Brass Band Championships
    16 April 2016-17 April 2016
    Flemish Open with Brass Band Merum.
    Location: Mechelen

  • CCB: Rehearsal Weekend with Howard Evans
    29 April 2016 17:30-30 April 2016 21:00
    Rehearsal weekend for the German Brass Band Championships with Howard Evans.
    Location: Cologne

  • CCB: Try-Out Concert / Open Rehearsal
    03 May 2016 20:00-22:00
    Try-out for the German Brass Band Championships with Cologne Concert Brass.
    Location: Cologne

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