Personal website of Jannes Drost-Tenfelde, resident bass trombone player at Cologne Concert Brass and Brass Band Merum

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Brass Band Merum

Brass Band Merum - Dutch 1st section brass band from Merum-Roermond, the Netherlands

Brass Band Merum is a 1st Section brass band from Merum-Roermond, the Netherlands.

I was asked by the band to perform with them at the World Music Contest of 2009. Since then I've played with the band regulary as substitute on bass trombone, rarely giving up the basstrombone seat to others.

The band always gives me a warm welcome and I always return home with a smile on my face after having played with them.

Website: http://www.brassbandmerum.nl


Dutch Nationals 2011


World Music Contest 2009

The Essence of Time


Dutch Nationals 2011


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