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Cologne Concert Brass

Cologne Concert Brass - german brass band from Cologne Germany

Cologne Concert Brass is a british style brass band from Cologne, Germany. Since the beginning of 2013, the band has been competing in the highest division in Germany, the “Höchststufe”. CCB is conducted by Heinrich Schmidt.

CCB is an ambassador for brass bands in Germany and continues to build up its reputation both nationally and internationally. The band has formed youth band (Young CCB) and learning band (CCB Academy), both led by Martyn Bennett, in order to support this cause.

I have been the resident bass trombonist of Cologne Concert Brass since March 2008. The social environent in CCB compares well to my previous experiences with Soli Brass and de Spikerpakkenband and I am very happy to play with these wonderful people and friends.

Website: http://www.cologne-concert-brass.de



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