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mindmap Plugin

This plugin allows you to turn your DokuWiki namespaces into mindmaps.

The output of the mindmap can be:

This is the first version of the plugin. If you have suggestions for improvements, please send an email to info@drost-tenfelde.de.


Google Chart Tools

Per default, the Graphviz dot output is sent to the Google Chart Tool Graphviz Charts, which turns the dot format into a PNG picture. It is possible to use your own Graphviz dot binary by setting the configuration parameter 'path'.

If you do not use your own binary, the plugin will only be able to render the PNG image with a connection to Google.com. This is the default setting.


  • Extract the archive into your lib/plugins directory. Make sure the files are put into a directory called mindmap.
  • Done! You are now ready to use mindmap.

How it works

Using the syntax parameters, a list (including in-between linkage) of pages and (optionally) media is gathered. Depending on the configured format, this data list is turned into a PNG image or an XML file.

Per default, the output is a dot graph, which will be turned into a PNG image using the Google Chart Tools API or, optionally, via your own Graphviz binary.

If you selected Graph Exchange XML Format, the page/media list will be turned into an XML file, which can be interpreted by tools such as Gephi.



This will get all pages within the dokuwiki namespace up to 3 levels deep and turn it into a dot graph.



namespaces Namespaces for which to create the Mindmap. required
key the parameter key to set optional
value the parameter value to set optional

You can set more than one element at once by using an & delimiter.

Available parameters:

Key Type Comments
depth number Determines how deep the plugin should look for links between pages. optional
format string Determined the ouput format of the mindmap. Available values: dot, gexf'. Default: dot. optional
include_media string This allows you to include media files in your mindmap. Available values: ns for namespace, all* for all, none* for none (Default). It is recommended this is not used when depth > 0. optional
height number Allows you to set the output height. Default: 0 (ignore). optional
width number Allows you to set the output width. Default: 0 (ignore). optional
use_cached_pages onoff Allows you to determine if only cached pages are regarded or if the cache should be rebuilt. :!: Important :!: Depending on the number of pages that are available in your namespaces, and the depth that you have selected, it can be very costly to turn this parameter off. Available values: 1 for on (Default), 0 for off. optional

Configuration and Settings

Key Type Comments
graphviz_path string The path to your local graphviz dot binary (eg. /usr/bin/dot). Leave empty to use remote rendering at google.com. optional
use_plugin_path onoff Set this if you wish to manually set the path of the plugin. This may be necessary if you use .htaccess nice urls to fix broken images/links. optional
plugin_path string The path of the mindmap plugin (eg. http://yourwiki/lib/plugins/mindmap/). The path can also be relative to a page you are displaying (eg. lib/plugins/mindmap/) optional

(Deprecated parameters)

Key Type Comments
path string The path parameter in Version 1.0 was renamed to 'graphviz_path' in Version 1.0


I used grapher.php and the graphviz Plugin (by Carl-Christian Salvesen and Andreas Gohr) for reference.


Change Log

  • 2011-10-11: Version 1.1
    • Removed caching of files.
      • dot and png files are no longer cached.
      • Images are no longer resized no the server.
    • Configuration parameter 'path' was renamed to 'graphviz_path' to avoid missunderstanding.
    • Images are now shown using the configured 'height' and 'width' parameters. A link to the original image is added if the 'height' or 'width' parameter is set.
  • 2011-10-08: Hotfix (updated original Version 1.0)
    • I added two configuration parameters ('use_plugin_path' and 'plugin_path'), which enable you to modify the location of the mindmap plugin manually. This can be used to fix broken images/links if you are using .htaccess nice urls.
  • 2011-10-07: Version 1.0
    • Initial release

Known Bugs and Issues

ToDo/Wish List

  • Create an image map, so that the resulting image is 'clickable'.



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