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Past Activities

Past IT activities of Jannes Drost-Tenfelde

This page describes my past activities in Information Technology.

Command and Control Systems

  • Numerous Projects
  • Integrating Document Management Systems
  • Integrating Geographic Information Systems
  • Establishing Cross-Technology Environments
  • Integration with military standards ( ATCCIS, LC2IEDM, JC3IEDM, MIP-DEM, etc.)
  • Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Oracle

Data Mediation

  • Design and development application for data mediation, ETL and similar processes
  • Mechanisms for transaction-based data change tracking.
  • General-purpose data mediation programming language.
  • Language compiler and interpreter.
  • Java, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Access, Excel, Flat-File, etc.

Data Replication

  • Design & development of a data replication system.
  • Low-Level database integration for transaction-based data modification tracking.
  • Referential integrity and semantic data analysis.
  • TCP/IP-based data transfer.
  • X.500-based data transfer.
  • SMTP-based data transfer.
  • Visual C++, Visual Basic
  • Oracle, Access, MySQL, DB2, Sybase

Full-Text Indexing

  • Multi-language full-text indexes
  • Various text processing methods: extraction, annotation, similarity analysis, document structure analysis, etc.
  • Java, PL/SQL, Oracle Text

Multi-User Document Editing System

  • Document content model (formatting, structure, version, workflow)
  • Web-based editing of complex documents
  • Version control, differential change tracking, etc.
  • Document workflows (authoring, authorization and publishing)
  • Decomposition and analysis of structured documents (Word, RTF, Text, etc.)
  • Generation of structured documents (Word, RTF, Text, etc.)
  • ASP, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Office


  • Design and development of an online procurement system
  • SchlumbergerSema Smart Card Readers
  • UML, Java, Oracle


  • Data mediation
  • Data replication
  • Interoperability
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