Personal website of Jannes Drost-Tenfelde, resident bass trombone player at Cologne Concert Brass and Brass Band Merum

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Soft Skills

An overview of Soft Skills of Jannes Drost-Tenfelde

The sections below describe my natural languages and business environment soft skills.

Natural Languages


  • Native Speaker, Fluent

Frisian 1)

  • Native Speaker, Fluent


  • Fluent in speaking, reading and writing


  • Fluent in speaking and reading
  • Advanced writing skills

Business Environment


  • Confident
  • Effective
  • Convincing

Customer Relations

  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Focussed

Team / Inter-Personal

  • Team-Player
  • Motivated
  • Open
  • Honest

Risk Awareness

  • Early Insight
  • Realistic
  • Accurate
1) Frisian is one of the official languages of the Netherlands, mostly spoken in the northern province Fryslân. For more information please visit Wikipedia.
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