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Koperensemble De Wâldsang

Over the years there have been several bands called Koperensemble De Wâldsang. Each of them were initiated by the conductor and music teacher Bienze Ylstra at the music school De Wâldsang of the frisian village Buitenpost.

The Koperensemble I joined in 1998 was in fact the second brass band. The first Koperensemble had turned into brass band De Wâldsang Buitenpost, led by Rieks van der Velde, one of the top bands of the Netherlands. The band reformed and is now called WâldBrass and rehearses in Kollum.

During my time as bass trombonist at Koperensemble De Wâldsang, from august 1998 until september 2001, the band was very successful in the 3rd division, always being the band to beat. Remarkable were the Dutch Nationals in 1998, where the band won with 98 (out of 100) points, 7 points more than the runner up!

The group was very tight, always ready to party both on and off the stage and playing there was simply brilliant.


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