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Special musical projects

Musical Contrasts

This was a project by Calliope Concerten, whereby we formed San Marco Brass, an ensemble with seven trumpets and seven trombones. This ensemble was conducted by Jan Holtrop and performed renaissance music from Giovanni Gabrieli. The musical contrast was created via modern organ music, which was performed by Piet Groeneveld. The most impressive piece that was performed was “Canzone e Sonata”, which was written in 1612.

The concert was held on februari 23rd, 2002, in the “Grote of Jacobijnerkerk” in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Concert Journey to Ra’anana

In 1996, I was invited by the music school of Opsterland (Netherlands) to participate in a brass ensemble, which would journey to Ra’anana, Israel. The brass ensemble consisted of young amateur musicians from all over Opsterland, who became very close throughout the journey. The ensemble performed at several concerts and toured Israel.

The experience of this Ra’anana trip was very impressive and has left a hugh imprint on the lives of the musicians that attended.

Mass for Peace

On the 15th of september 2007, Soli Brass performed “The Armed Man” of Karl Jenkins. This piece was composed for the second millenium, looking back at the 20th century, “the most destructive century in history”. The work was initially dedicated to the victims of the Kosovo crisis.

Soli Brass performed the dutch premiere of “The Armed Man” with brass band. The band was accompanied by the choir “Cantica Sacra” from Steenwijk, Theo Jellema on organ, Mustaga Türk and Netty Otter.

The concert was held at the “Grote of Jacobijnerkerk” in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and was a huge success.

Soli on Tour

In 2003 I went on a concert journey with Soli Brass through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The band was conduced by Jan de Haan and accompanied by Patrick Sheridan. The tour was a great success, with many sold out concerts.

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