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De Spijkerpakkenband

De Spijkerpakkenband Opsterland e.o. - 1st section brass band from Bakkeveen, the Netherlands

De Spijkerpakkenband Opsterland e.o. is a 1st Section brass band from Bakkeveen, the Netherlands.

As many of the players at De Spijkerpakkenband, this is where I grew up in brass banding. The band is like a family, where each has their own spot and everyone is accepted. The social climate within the Spijkerpakkenband is special, which sometimes leads to exceptional performances and certainly to special experiences.

I was a member from 1995 until 2002 as bass trombonist and 2005 until 2007 on 2nd trombone.

When I joined the band in 1995, it was mostly a youth band, consisting of very young and inexperienced players. Throughout the years, the band grew into a steady 1st Section band and many wonder if it will stop there. The band has been very consistent over the years and it always feels like coming home, whenever I meet them. It always makes me happy hearing that they are doing well.

Website: http://www.spijkerpakkenband.com


World Musc Contest

Triptych (1997)
Inspiration (1997)
Fire Storm (2001)
Spectrum (2005)



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